Home Redecoration Ideas For New couples

Most married couples seem to have a long-exceptional tradition i.e.-the honeymoon months. Whether you are enjoying the Sustainable Residence or simply adding a new look to your home, home redecoration is an excellent way to enjoy the gifts of life-one that is more 350 than a recent education or a brand new car.

Now is the time to change the look of the different rooms of your house, and consider adding some personal touches to each room for redecorating your home. These different room-inspired home redecorating ideas can create a very relaxing atmosphere while adding some color and zest to your life.


Your bedroom can be much more than a place to sleep. Take on this brainstorming session and ask yourself all the various things you’d like to have in your bedroom. How do you want to feel in this space? Would you like a quiet night of sleep so you can concentrate on your work the next day after all the hustle and bustle is done?

What is your favorite color(s) and do you like to sleep in light colors? How specific are your tastes and what do you want to sleep on? Are you a napping machine, or would you like a mattress designed for adults that can be flipped?

Whatever you’d like to ask-realize your personal needs. It’s important to have an image of what you want in your head, and then address those needs to reach some sort of compromises. How about a sample of other swatches to help you make your decision?


For the kitchen, I suggest a basic theme that you might like, such as a color variation, contemporary and classier, old fashioned country kitchen, brushed silver and warm shades, or simply a kitchen with a neutral color scheme. Particularly for the kitchen, lots of colors and styles can be used to add visual interest. Black and white are easy colors to cover, and combinations can be thrown in so that every surface or cupboard meshes together.

Some other tips to consider:

-Add some green to add energy to a room. If green isn’t your thing, use soothing shades of Vsapedal, Calendula, Saffron, Chamberry, Aqua, and Yellow Cardon.

-Add some warmth with floral fabrics, plaids, or tropical design. You’d probably be surprised what a punch of color can do for a kitchen.

-Go silver. You’d be surprised at the impact it can make. This picket looks smart as a base and can be traded in for a low-key precious or other Euro look if you desire.

-Plaids are a classic pick. Shirts with plaids displayed just look so good. Give them a coat of silver. Your spouse will never notice it, and you’ll look like a million bucks.

-Add some black. If your mind is set on a black gloss kitchen, choose black appliances, countertops, backsplash, painted walls, etc. Add some pizazz with black and yellow accents such as candles, framed prints, etc. You can also add elements of black and white if you want to go more traditional.


Whether you’re considering a whole new bathroom from scratch or just a redesign, you can use various elements of the same color in different variations to create a theme such as:

  1. Neutrals in the bathroom, with the occasional splash of bright or dark color:
  2. Black and White Bathroom: Black, white and gray walls with yellow accessories and brown flooring
  3. Pinks bath with colors of gray and blue accessories:
  4. Polka-dotted bath with various shades of blue as the accents
  5. Pink and blue accessories and walls with gray and brown:

unions bedroom using whites and blacks- blender, teal, relationship, white and black

Hanging a crystal chandelier over the bathtub will give the room a vintage look that can work well with the paint and accessories in the bathroom. Adding seashells, an aquarium, candles, and glass jars that have been filled with seashells look especially nice. If you have a window in your bathroom, take advantage of it and make the most of it by hanging a heavy mirror.