Home Improvement: Turning Your Old Bathroom Into A Luxurious Bathroom

A bathroom doesn’t need to be just functional. There are quite a few ways you can turn your old design into something luxurious and beautiful. As a professional interior designer, I can tell you that there are easy ways to accomplish this. The following are some of my favorite tips for you to incorporate beautiful design into your bathroom.

1) Make online research to find uplifting ideas

In the process of decorating, there are thousands of ideas – and most of them are perfect for the bathroom. By doing an online search for beautiful designs that have inspired you, it will give you the ability to pick and choose from an already existing palette of beautiful fixtures and decorations. From there, you can easily begin to plan out your whole creative scheme for the bathroom. Ideas such as applying a satin finish to the ceiling; selecting rich, strong colors for the walls and flooring; or redoing a tile backsplash; all can be found and Australia-based designer, nuanced, has created an online resource for ideas regarding bathroom remodels.

2) Have you seen a certain style of the door? Pick a style that is complementary to the rest of the room and then add your own personal touch to the door!

You would be surprised to focus on a particular bathroom door, however, with many people concentrate on more popular door styles, they have overlooked the possibility of personalizing the style of the bathroom door! There are many different styles to choose from whether you prefer a contemporary design in a Victorian style, the options are there! So the question is whether you already have a door problem in the bathroom and have something specific in mind, or if you want to simply change the overall style of the bathroom – then this may be perfect for you. Choosing a new door style that compliments the rest of the room and is a style unique to your home will add a unique and beautiful look to your bathroom.

3) Something that is common to almost all bathrooms – the towel bars!

Towel bars are a common feature in bathrooms throughout the world. How you want to decorate them, however, is up to you! Whether you want to add a fancier look to them or add a more casual flair, you can achieve this very easily with the right decorative additions. Whilst, being common in bathrooms, towel bars also make a great accessory to design the bathroom a classic centerpiece!

4) Interior decorating is like developing a flower!

Designing a bathroom is similar to painting a picture – you start with a blank canvass and develop that canvass on to a foundation of your personality, taste, and style. Whether you are improving, remodeling, or creating a new bathroom suite – you need to start with a blank canvass by choosing a color theme and followed through with the style you are going for.

There are so many colors to choose from it is a good idea to spend some time choosing a color scheme to work with. Some people choose to use bold colors, some choose to use pastel colors, yet others choose to use grays, whites, yellows, or blues. The possibilities are endless. Once you have chosen a color theme, you will then be able to decide on a theme that paints a picture onto the wall for you. Your theme could be anything from seashells to sea or invertebrates. Or, it could be a favorite color of yours or a mixture of your favorite color and your favorite color. Once you choose a theme, you need to start with the paint colors you have chosen. Make sure you purchase the right colors for space by purchasing paint that compliments the color you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen to d├ęcor your bathroom with bold colors such as red, purple, orange, and yellow, then your best bet is to purchase blues or whites for the walls – colors such as blue or white create a more reserved look and don’t compete with the bold colors.