Why were we formed?
If anyone has had any dealing in trying to secure a Federal Contract whether it is for a VOB or a SDVOB how much luck have you had? I bet your answer is not much luck. The Contracting Officers here in Alaska have not recognized the EO-13360 (Executive Order) that was signed by President Bush on October, 2004 to increase opportunities for service-disabled, veteran-owned businesses. So in October, 2007 at a SBA class for Veterans our President John Maketa made the rally call that we Veterans need to unite into one unit as the 8A Association did in the past to get our voice heard. So on November 19, 2007 we officially became the Alaska Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Alliance.

So in the very short time that we have been formed we have been noticed by all 3 US politicians and numerous State Legislatures. Our President John along with his wife Chrys (retired 30 year Contract Officer at Elmendorf), and other officers and board members have already had behind the doors meetings with the US politicians to talk about EO-13360 and to let them be aware that the contracting officers are not doing any set-asides for the SDVOB. Sen. Ted Stevens has sent a letter to the SBA inquiring about this.

You may be reading this and saying again I am not a SDVOB but a VOB. There is no problem with this. Remember when we served we were one unit and we all worked together to get the job done. If you go to CCR and by the way that is where I got all your email addresses from, you will see there are only 107 registered SDVOB’s and 344 VOB’s. So if a set-aside came open for a SDVOB and a VOB has the skills to do the job and let’s say the job is in Greely and the VOB is in Sitka this is where we Veterans are the best in establishing a joint venture (JV) with a fellow SDVOB and let’s get the job done. This is a way to grow your business.

On the Federal side each Federal entity is suppose to use 3% of their procurement dollars for SDVOB’s. There is a Veteran Association called the National Veteran Owned Business Association which the Alliance and myself is not promoting but if you want to follow what is going on in the Veteran movement in the country go to www.navoba.com

Let me baffle you with some numbers on the private sector side. We all heard of “Buy Alaska” well this Association this year is pushing at the private sector to “Buy Veteran”. If all fortune 1000 companies used only 3% of their procurement dollars towards both VOB and SDVOB’s the opportunity would be $80,000,000,000 yes $80 billion a year. Are you listening now? So we are still in the growing stages but the opportunities are there. Heck did everyone know that Alaska has almost 80,000 veterans which, is the highest per capita in the United States. Let me break this into a fraction that Alaskan veterans and their families represent almost 1/3 of our state’s population.