Choosing Furniture Using a Feng Shui Overview

Feng Shui sometimes translated as “wind-water” is a theory and way of life which uses the laws of both heavens (astronomy) and earth (geography) to find the proper flow of chi or preparedness of energy in a given space. The chi energy in Feng Shui is known as positive energy, which generates a natural flow of peace and wealth in any living environment. At the same time, it is not too strong as to inflict afflictions upon the occupants, on the reverse, it brings with it a lot of good luck.

It is a revolutionary new way to go about orientating an environment, a way of approaching interior design which until now has been totally inaccurate. Feng Shui theory dictates that your home has four Bing accessed energies which are:

The four-star energy – the good and wealthy star

The empty space energy – the illness or imbalance star

The influential star – the influential and poor star

The dark star – the evil star

Learning how to successfully apply this theory to home is vital, as the birth dates of your home and its construction are influential factors in projecting the kind of luck you will be bringing into your home.

The vibration energy of a home is caught up in the building directions and compass alignment. This is where a practitioner will start inspecting a home by using the four-star method. These auspicious elements also tap into the other important treasures within a home.

To a Feng Shui expert the four main directions are:

North (positioning) is governed by the star I-Ching along with afflictions I-Ching, wealth I-Ching, fame I-Ching (also known as the eight auspicious star).

Southeast (the position of Chi also known as the 8 star) is governed by the star seated to the north of the Lo shu or heavenly cave

South (the star of health – is also known by the star of the Stability star) is governed by the Energy of the green star

East is ruled by the 6 star which includes the fame star

West is ruled by the 8 star


The first thing to do is to examine your house with the interior decor map and locate the rage of the worst situation, or the misfortune happenings in that land. This is particularly essential for those who have found themselves in a dinner party, dump, or industrial space. This is vital information to help you determine changing directions while reaping the many advantages of Feng Shui therapy and utilizing their techniques.

Your house should be symbolically divided into two sectors, one is Fire and the other is Water. Do you have any burns, is it often full of oil and watermarks. All block areas should be removed from your home for that do not get reflected in your life – so apply your earth remedies otherwise.

The Fire sector includes doors as well as windows and all the blocks in there – make sure to check beyond the front and back doors! No dead plants are allowed! No dead animals are permitted – if you have any consult a professional or divination expert.

In the Water sector, things need to be in solid water and objects on the water are to be oval and round. This is to help the energies in the water to move.

Currently, the house is facing North East, identifying the prime directions where luck is usually flowing. That sector is a real lucky star you need to activate them using objects wedged on to the ground or indented in the North-East corner. These help to activate that sector enabling good luck to flow. You can also apply the pointers for some types of color in a pleasant way to activate the sector.

Feng Shui is not just a panacea, I don’t claim to be a doctor or anything but there are still so many things we can only fully understand after learning through them and others’ experiences. As long as you understand how your house really works, you can then take steps to change and enhance it.

This write up about Feng Shui was brought to you by our friends at Walnut Creek Carpet Cleaning.